Cupid's Brokwn Arrow
The telltale signs of a doomed relationship and how to prepare for the worst


Read the first few pagesThe New Guide to Anticipating and Controlling a Relationship Breakdown

This hotly anticipated book is the first of its kind to delve into the breakdown of a relationship BEFORE it actually happens. Many books deal with the aftermath of a breakdown or unhappiness in a relationship and how to make it work but none have comprehensively analysed the hours, days, months and years leading up to a breakdown, particularly where infidelity is involved. Certainly none have ever had a companion test which determines the likelihood of your relationship failing based on nearly 200 questions.

The author of this groundbreaking new book had this happen to him when he discovered that his ex-partner Daisy, a solicitor from the United Kingdom, had been having an affair with another solicitor (her supposed mentor) for almost a year. What is it that caused and led up to the relationship breakdown? What were the signs? Could you tell if your partner is having an affair? What makes two people, especially with children, have an affair? How can you gain the moral, emotional, legal and financial high ground?

If you want to know the answers to these questions just take a look at Cupid's Broken Arrow - The Telltale Signs of a Doomed Relationship and how to Prepare for the Worst. You will soon be able to reserve your copy of the book at Amazon UK and you can view a taster of it on this site.

This soon-to-be-published book aims to highlight the most telling signs that your partner is cheating on you and how to spot them. It also looks at signs to consider when entering into a relationship in the first place, asks what makes a good relationship and why many fail. The author has a science and research background and uses this to great effect to analyse why his own relationship broke down and why he chose to ignore the signs of his partner's cheating. He had the foresight to document the breakdown by saving text messages, emails, videos and even an audio recording of the night he asked his partner to leave his home. After much research, looking into all aspects of why people cheat on each other, how they feel about it, guilt, remorse and even psychopathic tendencies in partners Cupid's Broken Arrow has been written from scratch to empower you.

The book covers everything you need to know in order build up a case for infidelity. A sophisticated relationship test algorithm has been developed, which aims to give you a likely percentage score that your relationship is going to break down, whether through infidelity or for other reasons. You can now take the test to answer a detailed interactive questionnaire downloadable from this website and it will give you a result in seconds. Cupid's Broken Arrow also looks at what you can do to protect yourself in the event of a breakdown, both emotionally and financially.

In time, we will also give you links to the tools you can use to monitor what your partner is doing (legally) and gather evidence of his or her cheating. This is how Daisy was caught out.

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