Cupid's Broken Arrow
The telltale signs of a doomed relationship and how to prepare for the worst


The Telltale Signs of a Doomed Relationship

Many relationships break down due to infidelity on the part of one or both partners. There are many telltale signs, even from before the relationship starts, that can warn you that it may be doomed.

Cupid's Broken Arrow - The Telltale Signs of a Doomed Relationship and How to Prepare for the Worst gives a detailed insight into the many signs that can warn you of an impending breakdown in your relationship. Many of these signs can appear insignificant, such as an oddly worded text message, increasing lack of affection and so on, however when you add them all up they can cause alarm bells to ring.

In the case of the author of the book Cupid's Broken Arrow, there were many signs that his relationship with Daisy was on the rocks. This web page complements the book and goes into more detail of the kind of text messages sent by her to the author(usually saying she would be working late when in fact she would be having sex with her lover at his employer's offices and at local hotels), emails to her lover, when she was confronted with the evidence of her cheating for almost a year with her lover Daniel. This is what the author has to say about their relationship:-

"My ex-partner, Daisy, came to England from the Czech Republic and worked for me. I was seduced by her apparent knowledge and intellect and one thing led to another and soon we were in a relationship. This lasted for some years during which time I supported her both emotionally and financially with doing her law degree at a private university in the UK. I also arranged for her to do her Masters degree free of charge (a saving of several £thousands) and then her LPC (legal practice course) at a much reduced rate (more £thousands saved). I loved her, provided the best of everything for her, never abused her or ill-treated her in any way and totally supported her. She then got a training contract job with a local firm of solicitors (where she would meet Daniel, her older mentor). After her training contract ended she moved on to another firm in our area as a qualified solicitor, where she still works as a corporate lawyer.

Little did I know that she had started an affair with Associate solicitor Daniel at her training firm, who is around 15 years her senior and who was supposed to be her mentor. So, he broke the first rule in seducing her whilst in a position of responsibility, much like a teacher with a student. He has now moved on to other firms. His firm knew about his adultery.

Toller's Offices in Milton Keynes
The offices near London where Daisy and Daniel, two solicitors, had regular extramarital sex

The affair between the pair lasted for almost a year until I discovered the evidence of their adultery. I met with Daniel's wife and showed her the evidence. Of course she was distraught, but in my considered opinion she needed to know. She kicked him out of their home that afternoon and I did likewise with Daisy when she rolled in at 1am (as usual) after being with Daniel again. She had had sex with Daniel three times alone in that week, she admitted. Ironically, Daniel dumped Daisy a few days later to go back to his wife and try to make a go of their marriage. This happens often in adulterous relationships. Perhaps he was scared of the maintenance he would have to pay his ex-wife and their two children aged four and seven, who were being educated privately. What I believe this demonstrated was that Daniel was using Daisy for sex as I believe she used me to further her career in the UK. After much research, I later discovered that the law profession has the highest percentage of extramarital cheats of any top profession. I also learned that lawyers are the most pyschopathic of any profession. I found this most interesting and it helped to explain things to a degree as I could not fathom why Daisy would cheat on me and indeed to this day have never had a word of apology or satisfactory explanation that makes any sense.

These are both solicitors who in theory are supposed to be highly trusted, having integrity, probity, honesty and decency above and beyond the average person, like a policeman or judge. This pair showed themselves to be deceitful and untrustworthy, who in my opinion have no place in an honest profession and it still amazes me that they are employed as solicitors at all. It is people like these who bring the legal profession into disrepute in my eyes and those of many members of the public and it is little wonder that the public have such a low opinions of lawyers in general.

There were many small signs during our relationship that things were not right. For example when she had obtained a 1st class honours degree in law (bearing in mind English is her second language) and I said light-heartedly "You know you got the 1st thanks to me", she responded "I could have done it without your help". She had only just scraped through to a 1st. I was astonished to say the least after the amount of effort I had put into making her life as easy as possible to be able to concentrate on her studies, even helping her with her coursework and written and spoken English. More signs included lack of intimacy of any kind, very little affection from her and so on. I chose not to see the signs and was frankly lazy and stupid.

As things got worse I began to suspect the worst and developed a piece of software to grab screens from the computer I had loaned her. Sure enough, one Sunday while I was upstairs at home, she was sitting in the kitchen exchanging torrid sex missives with her lover. Here is a prime example:-

Evidence that caught Daisy Divoka out
One of the many messages sent by Daisy to her lover Daniel

After seeing the evidence (which rather disturbingly also showed her searching for and viewing images of Daniel's wife and two small children) and being a logical and pragmatic person, I decided within a second that our relationship had to end. There was no option. It takes a certain amount of courage to do this, however I couldn't live with the idea, having potentially forgiven her after a year of lying to my face every day when she had been having sex with her lover several times a week and pretending to be working late, that this would always affect any future relationship between us negatively. I decided to end the relationship immediately and this was finally completed in June 2015. I recorded the final moments of our relationship, just before asking her to leave my home. She was very cold and clinical when leaving, what I now consider to be psychopathic behaviour.

Text messages were also a clue to the impending breakdown of our relationship and I saved a number of them. In the past, every message from Daisy would end with "x" or "xxx" and soon these little touches of affection became scarce. So too did the "sweetie", "darling" and other terms of affection spoken by her. Any thoughts of having children, once put forward by her, were now dismissed out of hand to my face saying "I don't feel maternal at all any more". This was, of course, a major sign.

Read an extract from the bookIt was only after the discovery of her affair with Daniel that I began thinking in a logical fashion about all the signs I missed or chose to ignore, being the scientific and analytical creature I am. I gained the moral and emotional high ground by ending the relationship there and then and demanding she leave my home (she had contributed absolutely nothing and only taken). For those of you who are thinking that your world has ended, think about this: Your partner cheated on you, which in my book puts them into the lowest form of human life. It also means they do not love you so what is the point in flogging a dead horse of a relationship. It will lead nowhere. Therefore you have not lost somebody but gained a new life. Plainly put, Daisy was a human Mogadon tablet and made me feel miserable for a great deal of the time I was with her. I turned my life around and you can do it too."

The case of Daisy and Daniel is now sadly typical all over the world and many people go into marriage with the attitude of "Oh well, if it doesn't work I can always get a divorce". Although many people take a cavalier attitude towards marriage, many also stick to their wedding vows: to be honest, faithful and forsaking all others be loyal to their spouse for better or worse for the rest of their lives. People like Daisy and Daniel (both solicitors who should have known better) clearly could not adhere to these fundamental vows, as do many people. It is also a sad fact that people like these are very unlikely to have a fulfilling relationship in the future. Cupid's Broken Arrow - The Telltale Signs of a Doomed Relationship delves into the reasons why people cheat, what kind of people cheat and why a relationship breaks down. Importantly, it also discusses the signs you should be looking out for in your partner that they may be cheating or that your relationship is destined to fail. Life is too short to waste on people who do not deserve you.

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