Cupid's Broken Arrow
The telltale signs of a doomed relationship and how to prepare for the worst


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Comments have been left by some who read themanuscript regarding their own experience of a relationship breakdown. The more information we share the more accurately we can work out how likely a relationship is to fail. Try to include details to help others.

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Comment #1
I just saw this after a mention on the Daily Mail story about a cheating husband. This happened to me and I wish I could have written a book about it too. Daisy, it sounds to me as though you were a very stupid woman and have given up a lot and got nothing in return. My husband was exactly the same.
Comment #2
My wife is also a lawyer and did exactly the same thing to me. What is it with lawyers at it like rabbits with other lawyers. There's something wrong in their heads. Mine was also forever working late until I decided to follow her one night and saw her park her car at the firm where she worked and walk to another car and got in. I didn't follow them from there but it was obvious she wasn't working late.
Comment #3
This seems like it will be an interesting read. My husband Paul also cheated on me with a work colleague. It was the usual story of more and more occasions he would be coming home later and later. We had three children aged 5 to 11 and he was never around for them. He would look me in the eye and talk to me about what he had been doing working late. I mean, he completely made it all up, which suggested to me that he was relishing what he was doing to me. I kicked him out and found another guy after a year and got half of everything. He still has to pay for the kids so I hope he thinks it was all worth it. Oh, and the last I heard she had dumped him too. People like this just don't learn.
Comment #4
I stumbled across this site by accident after reading the Mail Online and I for one look forward to getting hold of a copy of this book. I've been cheated on twice by women and I can't see that I've done anything wrong other than picked the wrong ones. Hopefully this book will have a few tips about what to look out for.
Comment #5
I found this site after doing a search on cheating partners and have to say I could have done with this book. My ex-wife cheated on me and then cleaned me out. It's so unfair how the laws in the UK work for people divorcing. I think there should be fault attritbuted to a partner who cheats and they should forfeit their share. Just reading the comment above I think people who are in the particular position of trust, like lawyers, accountants, potiticians, the police and so on, who cheat, should automatically lose their jobs. When somebody cheats on their husband or wife they are fundamentally dishonest deep down and I feel are much more likely to be dishonest in other areas. One question, why was the book dedicated to the two people who ruined the author's life?!?. Perhaps I'll have to read it to find out. By the way, since the right to be forgotten ruling and the hundreds of thousands of web pages that have been removed by Google I just type in my browser to ensure I see only results from the international Google and not be redirected to Google UK. I think eveybody will be doing this soon when they know about it.
Comment #6
We have had many enquiries from visitors to this site asking when Cupid's Broken Arrow will be available and in which countries. We are hoping for it to go on sale an initially in Spring 2018. This will be in both paperback printed format and for Kindle. We are then hoping to make it available on Amazon for sale in the United States, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia shortly afterwards, again in printed and Kindle formats. Many thanks for your interest.


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