The telltale signs of a doomed relationship and how to prepare for the worst


Download the Cupid Relationship Test native app for Android


You can either search for the Cupid Relationship Test on the Google Play store (it's free) or you can download it free right here.

In order to download Android apps outside the Google Play store, you may need to set yourt Android device to allow installation of apps from non-Google play sources. That is very easy. For Android 7 or earlier, just go into Settings on your device and Security tap on it, then simply check "Allow installation from unknown sources". On Android 8 and later, go into settings, find Security & privay and tap on it. Look for "Install from unkown apps" and then select your web browser (likely Chrome) and select "Allow from this source".

Download APK installation file for Android

The Cupid's Broken Arrow Relationship Test is completely safe and secure to run. It does not access any part of your device. It also does not send any of your data or details of any questions answered anywhere. You have the option in the test to purchase the Cupid's Broken Arrow book (available in the Spring), which will of course need access to the Internet, and when you use this function you may see a pop-up message asking for permission to do this.

You do not have to complete the Relationship Test in one go. It has nearly 200 questions, so you can stop it at any time and continue where you left off later. It normally takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete the test and you can also print out the helpful anaylsis of your relationship at the end.



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