The telltale signs of a doomed relationship and how to prepare for the worst


Download the Cupid Relationship Test for Microsoft Windows

Some antivirus software, firewalls (particularly) or Windows security settings may not allow you to download an executable file onto your computer so you can download a zipped version, containing the executable, which you simply unzip once download and run.

Downloading the zipped version

The zipped version of the program has been compressed into the popular ZIP archive format. You can use this version to bypass a corporate firewall, antivirus software or other set-up that does not allow the direct download of Windows executable files. Just click on the download ZIP compressed file for Windows link to begin the download.

Once downloaded, just right click on the file and decompress/extract it. This will create an additional file in the download folder called RelationshipTest.exe. Just double-click to run this file. You may see a pop-up message warning that the program may be unsafe to run. This depends on which version of Windows you are running and also what type of antivirus software is installed. Just click on More info and tell it to run the program anyway.

Download ZIP compressed file for Windows

The Cupid's Broken Arrow Relationship Test is completely safe and secure to run. It does not install itself on Windows and runs as a stand-alone program, not accessing any part of your Windows system. It also does not send any of your data or details of any questions answered anywhere. You have the option in the test to purchase the Cupid's Broken Arrow book (when available), which will of course need access to the Internet, and when you use this function you may see a pop-up message from Windows or your antivirus software asking for permission to give the program access to your Internet connection. You will need to acknowledge this in order to place your order.

You do not have to complete the Relationship Test in one go. It has nearly 200 questions, so you can stop it at any time and continue where you left off later. It normally takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete the test and you can also print out the helpful anaylsis of your relationship at the end.



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